The existence of skin

image: William Blake, 1796 Sometimes I curse the existence of skin— how it makes some people lose & some win— yet, without skin, there’d be nothing within.


I’ve taken it upon myself to educate mankind. I’ve studied much psychology, much science of the mind. My stamina’s uncanny; my resolve is absolute: I’m speaking for the underdogs who’d otherwise be mute! I do their thinking for them— that’s what I was trained to do. You wonder who I am? I am not Red. […]


The beauty & brains of concision are rooted in clear-eyed decision.

Train Men

Daniel Celentano, 1935 traveling unnoticed & unknown traveling together but alone the cargo of this train’s the pain of men who’ve sacrificed in vain

If you are creative

If you are creative you’re never alone: your drive to create has a mind of its own. You’re bound to its service & soon you learn well: you put it to work or it makes your life hell. * Image: Salvador Dali


She graces who she pleases, unattached to looks or wealth; she’s powerful in poverty & faithful through poor health; she’s drawn to freaks & outsiders, but princes have her, too; she’s blatantly bisexual & favors no skin’s hue; she has no code of conduct or unbreakable taboo except this: she demands the most of both […]


Shatner & Nichols, 1968 I think the purpose of taboo is sort of as a last resort: When people cut their love lives short & isolation walls them off, like a collective urge to cough, taboos are broken, & people open up to the nakedest of things— love, which is why the caged bird sings.

poem for Socrates

Jacques-Louis David, 1787 If words transcended time I’d say thanks, Socrates, for to my day you set a golden standard & example, stand in sanity when truth is trampled, immortalize humor, lead leaders to love being wise & remind me there are always times to fly by the seat of your conscience.

poem for Jordan Peterson

Only after your time will Time decide how well you’ve served our species as a guide, but, since a leader’s life’s the life you lead, here’s how I hope (& think) we both agree: 1 A good teacher won’t preach what he thinks; instead, he shows the thirsty where he drinks. 2 The more he […]

poem for Ayn Rand

When Reason, man’s most perfect power, is exiled from the Ivory Tower, you stand outside as fearless proof of its unconquerable truth. While institutionalized minds grow coddled, sheltered & unwise, you teach bright people to be free & draw their strength from liberty. You set the tone, you set the stage for freethinkers of every […]

haiku x2

1 The wisest advice I’ve received from a woman: “Does he make you laugh?” 2 Unintentional insults are the worst, e.g. “You’re just like your mom.”

Advice for readers

Vacations taking nothing but your mind exist in inexhaustible supply, so never settle. Keep your standards high. Great writing moves you fast ahead, and far; Bad drags you back, or leaves you where you are. Great writers help their readers come away equipped not just for tasks, but for the day: Aware that facts can […]

SYNESTHESIA: A Depiction from Personal Experience

Synesthesia is a brain condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.   People with a lifelong history of such experiences are called ‘synesthetes.’ I’m one! Ever since I first learned the alphabet, letters have appeared inherently colored to me. About […]

rhyme on rhyme

Rhyming though it may seem quaint is good for when some things are worth rhyme time & some things ain’t.

the way we’re headed (re: social media)

All anyone wants to do is sit around with friends, laughing & philosophizing till the wide world ends. We know social media is getting in the way, but it feels like up and leaving it is not okay. They will make excuses for us when we’re dead and gone, like: “How could they know better? […]

4 questions

How can something as dainty as a rhyme stretch to accommodate a paradigm? How could stone slabs, slowly inscribed by hand, carry the weight of 10 divine commands? How did the founding fathers—all mere men— give birth to a nation with a pen? How do hearts split apart by loneliness let themselves be vulnerable again?


Want a useful thought? Here’s one: play is good for more than fun. Through play, even wild wolves explore in peace their readiness for war, & language (“give a thing a name”) is mankind’s first recorded game. The rest is simple to derive: we work hard & play hard to thrive. The most advanced tribes […]

where you draw the line

how soon does a womb fill with child? depends where you draw the line. how high up the ladder should you climb? depends where you draw the line. what’s work & what’s play on the sabbath day? depends where you draw the line. how much shit will you take before you die? depends where you […]

the typewriter

one of each color one of each stripe all stories i write i rewrite for all types! some like em funny some like em sad some like em crummy some like em bad. whoever you are, your opinion’s embraced. i guarantee something is typed to your taste! one for each pipe-dream one for each gripe […]

like father, like son

like father, like son, you’re destined to see insight blunted by blind scrutiny & innocence deformed by violent hate & beauty overwhelmed by spectacle & conscience crying out against its fate & Mary ridiculed by Jezebel & straightforward direction made obscure & power-hunger crippling strength, & pure & simple truth labeled stupidity: like father, like son, […]

People who think they know what to do

Have you noticed all the people who think they know what to do? Have you noticed how they often also have a plan for YOU? It seems rarely out of malice that they try to force their view; It’s more like their kingly palace is a prison, like a zoo where you spend your life’s […]

island Utopia

On my island, Utopia, philosophy is king: we all get off on copious, prolonged examining; we all know we know nothing (which is all we need to know) & more than anything, we want to grow. Of course, like every paradise, it’s bound to self-destruct: something’s always sacrificed; someone’s always fucked. Whether in the bowels […]

things my master knew

the thing you’re always selling is your soul. the thing you’re always telling is what’s told. the goodness of these things depends on you. these are things my master knew. to think you have the way is to be lost. to have a lot to say is to be tossed out in a day. these are […]


Brainwashers in the churches, brainwashers in the schools, making worship into mockery & students into fools; brainwashers in the Bible Belt, brainwashers on the coasts; brainwashers taking dollars, brainwashers taking votes— you’re all the same, brainwashers! you think you’re slick & sly, but I can see right through your grand disguises to your lies & […]

Marginal Revolution

for Tyler Cowen Shortcuts to the spotlight are the hallmark of our age— why labor making thoughts bright when outrage takes center stage? Seldom can a centrist (however strong his form) cut through the division that’s increasingly the norm. Rarer still is one who can sustain his measured stance among any admirers he enchants. You’re […]