haiku x3

word count: 35

What have I become
after the Millennium?
A many-caged bird.
There are many strong
men stranded on land, longing
to belong at sea.
We are brief water
drops forming stalactites with
what we leave behind.

haiku x7

word count: 83

What’s a haiku
besides a thought I hold on to
too long, then release?
A strong eye-to-eye
handshake introduces two
men; they’re brothers now.
Satan: mindfucker—
no, rapist—disguised only
in authority.
How little the past
propels forward to help us,
& with such effort.
Art is the urge of
every human being to
realize itself.
“Women are like cats,”
says my lover. “You have to
let them come to you.”
Robert Zimmerman
made a name for himself &
then made it come true.