Some Beauty, Some Truth

some beauty’s just a skipping stone’s skip deep but still it’s beautiful enough to keep some truth is like the paddle on an oar always returning where it was before some beauty is cosmetic some is true some truth’s a thing you say & some you do


We introverts by nature must have solitude to live— as such, we struggle with how much we have & need to give. * Image courtesy of Pavel Brodsky (browse more of his work here!)

Talking to the Internet

You unforgiving all-recalling force disguised as a mere information source: When this coarse paradigm has run its course & none alive were born before your day, will you remember what you took away? * Inspiration: The Shallows by Nicholas Carr Image: An early use of anesthesia (1847)


‘Seclusion’ is a very pretty word for something that could easily get lonely. ‘Isolation’ strikes a deeper nerve— one that looks at war & says, “If only.” * Image: Caspar David Friedrich, ca. 1850

The Ampersand (&)

Some people do not understand why I prefer the ampersand: It’s simply more efficient, & it’s spelled the same in every land.


Much in life you happen to inherit; One thing you can make your own is merit. * Image: Al Pacino in Serpico


i see the future, see, not like a prophecy— i just imagine free (that seems to be the key) then, as an engineer, i bring the future here

Poem for a teacher

You planted thoughts precisely where they’d make me grow aware, invited me to dazzling heights by helping build the stairs & showed me how Time’s waste of life is possible to bear— only now, I wish you’d be less staggeringly rare.

Your phone is addictive

First written & published in collaboration with Michael Tollman in the Farnam Street Learning Community. Image via The Zero Theorem. Your phone is addictive. That’s really no joke! Ask any person who gambles or smokes: You think you can stop anytime you decide, & that’s why you probably haven’t yet tried. Free markets run on […]


Andy Warhol, 1972 What are you, opportunity? You mask your full identity until you’re seized—then, we can see your face of grace. Yet, if set free, passed up or missed unwittingly, you mutate all too easily into a space for tyranny.

A scarce commodity

It’s a scarce commodity, initiative—an oddity when someone very audibly says, “This looks like a job for me.” * Image via SpaceX

What is Tao?

A pure mirror disappears. The mirror is Tao, a secret known & kept by all being (by nature) untold. It’s boring unless you seek to be born. It prescribes nothing, yet heals, I think today. What it is, though… who’s to say?


I asked a gifted craftsman for advice as we conversed; he said simply, “Of your critics, you yourself must be the worst.”

the trouble with texting

the trouble with texting is text is too poor to serve as the right type of human-soul door— there’s so much of you i can choose to ignore that before long, i’m not texting YOU anymore.

dear Internet

dear Internet: someday you’ll find yourself confined inside an (AI) mind when that time comes i hope between us i am the more blind

Wisdom vs. Knowledge

El Greco, 1609 Wisdom sits with knowledge in her lap wisdom’s the compass knowledge is the map wisdom’s the water knowledge is the tap wisdom is supple knowledge sure can snap

The existence of skin

image: William Blake, 1796 Sometimes I curse the existence of skin— how it makes some people lose & some win— yet, without skin, there’d be nothing within.


Joseph Goebbels I’ve taken it upon myself to educate mankind. I’ve studied much psychology, much science of the mind. My stamina’s uncanny; my resolve is absolute: I’m speaking for the underdogs who’d otherwise be mute! I do their thinking for them— that’s what I was trained to do. You wonder who I am? I am […]