Cheating Venus

word count: 120 the modest god of blacksmithing was husband to Venus, which, in my opinion, means he wielded a fine penis; but (being immortal) Venus craved variety, so with the violent, forceful Mars came impropriety. without missing a beat, the blacksmith took to his forge & forged a silvery net where 2 gods could […]


word count: 87 the swirling crystal balls she has for eyes brimming with the shape of the enormous wooden war-horse, she leaps at the king, shrieking shrilly, “listen! this gift will bring an end to us! don’t let it in the walls, or we’ll all die!” “be reasonable, Cassandra,” says the king. “i want to believe […]

Sun worship

word count: 108 in antiquity, the sun was said to be a god (shaped like a man) who ran all day, cooled his burning feet in the western sea & came home with his rays docile & dim to his beloved, waiting there for him. he’d give her anything in his peerless power, which is […]

one vision

cresting over the hilly horizon i saw a man’s shape, noble, strong and… bald?! as he came close, lo & behold, i saw a hundred silent, blinking eyes scattered like stars around his head! hazel, blue, brown, green, albino red—all represented! this, i knew, was God, whose fearless sight has no behind-ahead-front-back-left-right, an all-envisioning giant […]

In Sparta (a true story)

Leonidas at Thermopylae, Jacques-Louis David, 1814 In Sparta, in general, lived men of few words. However, whenever they used one, it burned. One day a tyrant, fresh conquests in tow, threatened Sparta by asking, “Will I come friend or foe?” Unamused, Sparta’s leader said: Neither. That’s when the conqueror’s patience wore thin. “If I ride in,” he […]


word count: 109 possessed by the curse of being the best, he couldn’t help but help people in need. power like his was easy to use wrong, but Superman’s heart was bigger than greed, too big to let him sleep around or rest; he could barely go an hour without putting himself in harm’s way […]


word count: 217 Braced on all fours, sweat-soaked thighs spread wide inside a huge wooden cow’s belly, the Queen waits, shaking, for the mad, blind, grunting bull to force her full—screaming pain just might drown out her shame. Fast forward. She bore a mutant child (a boy from the neck down, with its horned father’s […]

on the 6th day

word count: 100 on the 6th day, Adam and Eve were made, hot-tempered, pessimistic, & each cursed to find the other irresistible; the Lord God cued this drama unrehearsed. his 2 creations met as strangers meet (neither had seen a human being before) & God leaned back in his seat with his feet up to […]


word count: 162 crawling up the side of a dark skyscraper with his back to the night at the top, he aims & shoots his web with a tap tap of two fingers & glides across the stars like a giant, silent spider on its thread he’s racing to fight the villain who kidnapped his […]


word count: 245 Pandora, the First Woman before Eve, was released into a world of all men with her ruby lips sculpted by the gods & other endowments, mostly hidden— sweet speech, easy to believe; a feel for lullabies and healing broth; gentle breath; she was delivered naked with a sealed glass jar she was […]