Fools often speak out daringly

Fools often speak out daringly while wise men speak more sparingly. This fact (I think) shines glaringly— in fact, that’s why it’s scaring me! * Image from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927)

Liberty & Fate

There’s a co-dependence between Liberty & Fate: Liberty creates while through constraint Fate liberates. * Image: Salvador Dali (1942) See also: Too much freedom? by Marin Mikulic

like father, like son

like father, like son, you’re destined to see insight blunted by blind scrutiny & innocence deformed by violent hate & beauty overwhelmed by spectacle & conscience crying out against its fate & Mary ridiculed by Jezebel & straightforward direction made obscure & power-hunger crippling strength, & pure & simple truth labeled stupidity: like father, like son, […]

less wrong

i think there’s no sense trying to be right, but i might get a little bit less wrong by being challenged in an honest fight: that’s how i make my thinking muscles strong. between us, conflict should be an illusion: i’ll give you my best effort when we spar, but i want us to both […]

sonnet for a visionary

my love, your genius is hosted in you like a parasite, a demon, an ancient ghost haunting your wanting eyes—how those little windows burn with the immense, intense intelligence inside! what i’d give to set foot in that cathedral, to behold the hoard of treasure being held there hostage by the fire-breathing monster whose lair […]


wisdom is moderation of all things: to neither be a puppet nor pull strings, to lead with strength but not an iron fist, to smartly borrow from but not consist of lessons learned in lifetimes besides yours, to seize the day while still doing your chores & take action, but give in when you’re wrong. […]

sonnet for a drummer

i think Time itself understands the commands of your quivering twin wands; you shape Now as it passes your hands infinitely docile, resembling strong youth, infancy & age with equal grace— some rhythms are warlike, some fight for peace, right foot runs straight while the left syncopates, teasing timelessness out between beats. where is your […]

i persephone

i persephone though living wander in death’s shade along the sidewalk by day the moon raising her sickle overhead reminds me monthly of the bloody dead bodies who have carpeted battlegrounds for generations laying their lives down for the next generation & i am a fly on the wall who will die with all she […]


i picture the evolutionary march from primates to homo sapiens & stand in awe. i don’t need to carry around the whole Origin of Species, our genesis painstakingly described— it’s a living truth, this instinctive contest of minds that made sure we survived; it’s in us all, in the nucleotides that combine our twin helixes; […]

when i think about the Tao Te Ching

when i think about the Tao Te Ching (though thoughts about it tend to distance it) i fear the utter speechlessness it brings; i dread being alone to witness it when the universe of all things profound pours out its annihilating secrets; i’m scared of being infinitely drowned in that vacuum where no light or […]

all the great Masters recommend restraint

all the great Masters recommend restraint of thought, word, action & initiative: always be ready to respond, but wait for the right time to strike. how do they live so disciplined, their only time around more competent than others, but less proud? as a dam may serve to irrigate the land & pens pinpoint the […]

i realized if i could only love

i realized if i could only love a tiny bit more deeply than i’d grieve in the extreme worst case, i’d be above petty paranoias that you might leave & free to love you with such abandon! the problem is that even bottomless love can never swallow up grief’s canyon. like balanced scales, grief is […]

a mental illness

a mental illness is a paradox: addiction is the habit of chaos; delusion is falsehood made orthodox; OCD is unrelenting will turned on its master, forcing him to stand still & the noonday demon i know firsthand perversely makes life’s lovers lust for death. in every case, elusive mental health skips teasingly ahead, just out […]

sleep to your heart’s content

sleep to your heart’s content, delinquent Muse, with every sugar daddy who can buy you; ogle any oligarch you choose, give sloppy seconds to the little guy & make babies with Satan, if you must— don’t wait to sate your promiscuity on my account. your lust won’t break my trust as long as you keep […]