Famous Last Words

Gustav Kilmt How bad could it be? It’s unloaded, see? I know what I’m doing. Why not try tattooing? “I see black light!” “Does no one understand?” “Shoot, coward—you’ll only be killing a man.” (Hugo, James Joyce & Guevara above). Me? I’m not the type to fall in love. What? Keep falling? No way! Don’t be […]


Raphael, 1511 If self-education is a way of life for you, if your curiosity is part of your worldview, if, at your full height, you still remember how to grow & you have no problem with admitting “I don’t know,” then there’s some potential for arousal between us! Superficial beauty is a plus, but not […]

I love it when your mind opens

I love it when your mind opens my mind under the guise of simple dialogue! Truths I deemed impossible to find arise effortlessly; you lift the fog & all that’s left is your naked brilliance. I also admire your resilience to false witness, propaganda & brain- washing—how many men in history have thought for themselves […]

like father, like son

like father, like son, you’re destined to see insight blunted by blind scrutiny & innocence deformed by violent hate & beauty overwhelmed by spectacle & conscience crying out against its fate & Mary ridiculed by Jezebel & straightforward direction made obscure & power-hunger crippling strength, & pure & simple truth labeled stupidity: like father, like son, […]

Polyamorous sonnet

word count: 99 my love of Shakespeare multiplies when shared & is enriched when others love him differently— since that’s true, why would i be at all scared to share (& watch you share) your brilliancy? taboo is an impartial arbiter trying to justly serve society, & those its verdict isolates are bitter when they […]

less wrong

word count: 113 i think there’s no sense trying to be right, but i might get a little bit less wrong by being challenged in an honest fight: that’s how i make my thinking muscles strong. between us, conflict should be an illusion: i’ll give you my best effort when we spar, but i want […]

sonnet for a visionary

word count: 101 my love, your genius is hosted in you like a parasite, a demon, an ancient ghost haunting your wanting eyes. how those little windows burn with the immense, intense magnificence inside! & what i’d give to set foot in that cathedral, to see the hoard of treasure being held there hostage by […]


word count: 76 wisdom is moderation of all things: to neither be a puppet nor pull strings, to lead with strength but not an iron fist, to smartly borrow from but not consist of lessons learned in lifetimes besides yours, to seize the day while still doing your chores & take action, but give in […]