sonnet for a drummer

word count: 97 i think Time itself understands the commands of your quivering twin wands; you shape Now as it passes your hands infinitely docile, resembling strong youth, infancy & age with equal grace— some rhythms are warlike, some fight for peace, right foot runs straight while the left syncopates, teasing timelessness out between beats. […]

i persephone

word count: 97 i persephone though living wander in death’s shade along the sidewalk by day the moon raising her sickle overhead reminds me monthly of the bloody dead bodies who have carpeted battlegrounds for generations laying their lives down for the next generation & i am a fly on the wall who will die […]


word count: 93 i picture the evolutionary march from primates to homo sapiens & stand in awe. i don’t need to carry around the whole Origin of Species, our genesis painstakingly described— it’s a living truth, this instinctive contest of minds that made sure we survived; it’s in us all, in the nucleotides that combine […]

when i think about the Tao Te Ching

word count: 99 when i think about the Tao Te Ching (though thoughts about it tend to distance it) i fear the utter speechlessness it brings; i dread being alone to witness it when the universe of all things profound pours out its annihilating secrets; i’m scared of being infinitely drowned in that vacuum where […]

i’m a laser beam

word count: 93 i’m a laser beam: my fixed amplitude shines just as bright no matter where i face & can be ON or OFF, but not subdued— undiscerning, blinded by light, i chase whatever target falls between my sights with equally lethal force. even worse, my light, small, portable body invites any strong hand, […]


word count: 67 from you i get the craziness to think my pen might get as mighty as my love for you, & fountain up for earth to drink love in like rain collected from above & show the world why life’s worth living & make mankind wise & forgiving. you are so magnificently worthy […]

i realized if i could only love

word count: 101 i realized if i could only love a tiny bit more deeply than i’d grieve in the extreme worst case, i’d be above petty paranoias that you might leave & free to love you with such abandon! the problem is that even bottomless love can never swallow up grief’s canyon. like balanced […]

a mental illness

word count: 85 a mental illness is a paradox: addiction is the habit of chaos; delusion is falsehood made orthodox; OCD is unrelenting will turned on its master, forcing him to stand still & the noonday demon i know firsthand perversely makes life’s lovers lust for death. in every case, elusive mental health skips teasingly […]


word count: 83 kaleidoscope—an echo chamber of mirrors—a finite space of chaos roughly circular—constantly changing patterns that never repeat—translucent plastic beads abstracted through refraction into sharp geometric focus— looking through this filter indirectly at the sun, which i can’t look directly at— i didn’t always find little pleasures so lovely—i used to poison myself with […]