Feeling the writing itch?

Over the course of a career, a typical professional makes thousands of first, second, and ongoing impressions in writing. I’m talking about emails, websites, sales decks, and even tweets…  and yet, nobody’s born writing well! Writing is a skill, much like tennis or guitar. You need feedback and practice to get good at it.

I offer friendly and thoughtful 1:1 collaboration with a writing specialist.

Here’s what you can expect to get:

1. Confidence in your writing

Most people I meet don’t feel confident in their writing. Writing feels like guesswork, and the “finished” product isn’t satisfying. The process is interrupted by anxiety, uncertainty, and even dread. One person felt so anxious about writing that she couldn’t compose a tweet without being overwhelmed by self-doubt.

In reality, those feelings don’t have to be part of your writing process. Being confident in your writing is easier than you think.

2. A sounding board for your ideas

Bouncing your ideas off someone can help you start writing with confidence, or get unstuck after being in a rut.

Over the years, I’ve developed and refined a process for this. To help distill your ideas, I use the Socratic method (for real!). The goal is to get you to articulate your thoughts coherently, so you leave knowing precisely what you’re going to write down before our next meeting.

3. Collaborative writing/editing

This is where a lot of the magic happens. We’ll use a screen sharing tool or Google Docs to look at your draft together. As we go through it, I’ll draw from the big writing toolkit I’ve assembled over the years, showing you which tools you might want to use and how you can use them. I give honest, useful, and positive feedback.

…in other words, I don’t enjoy “grammar Nazism.” Collaborating with me is about making your ideas and personality shine through.

4. Personalized reading recommendations

One of the best ways to improve your writing is to see how great writers have done what you’re trying to do. To that end, I thoughtfully select short essays, excerpts, and even stories that I think will resonate with you and help you improve your process.

5. Fun (yes, really)

People learn best when they’re having fun. I believe it’s my job to provide stress relief, not more stress. 🙂

The first phone/Skype call is $0. Drop me a line at ellen(at)ellenrhymes.com!