Thank you for your interest in my writing! Here’s a selection of my favorite pieces.

Please note: I often ghostwrite, so you won’t always see my name. However, I’ve got references who’d be happy to confirm my authorship.


Flesch Reading Ease: What It Is and Why it Matters for ContentWriters, a B2B content agency that works with Expedia, Forbes, Adobe, Mercedes-Benz, and others.

Every American Should Know These 4 Legendary Outdoor Entrepreneurs for Wide Open Spaces, an outdoor lifestyle site with 4+ million readers.

How to Structure Your Webcast Like Steve Jobs for PGi Global, a provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

How Does Plastic Body Armor Work? for The Truth About Guns, a politically independent pro-gun website with 2+ million readers.

See You on the Waterfront for Metro Sign & Awning, a Massachusetts-based signage supplier.

Hammer-Action Drills vs. Rotary Hammers: What is the Difference? for Fine Home Building, a carpentry website and magazine.

Top 5 Principles of Economics for Entrepreneurs for Under30CEO, a professional development site for young business owners.

How Friendly is Your State to Local Businesses? for Wide Open Country, a country music and lifestyle site with 2+ million readers. The color-coded map is also my work.

Exclusive Interview: Tony Bose, Master Knife Maker for Wide Open Spaces, an outdoor lifestyle site with 4+ million readers.

Static web content:

Website content for Honest Margin, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).


Newsletter for The DONUT (Dose Of News Useful Today), a politically impartial newsletter targeted at Millennials.

Press release:

M&A Announcement Press Release for Confie, a national provider of commercial and personal lines insurance.


I create snazzy résumés! Mine is HERE. To see other (anonymized) examples, please feel free to email me at ellen(at)ellenrhymes.com.

Creative essays:

These are a few fun essays I’ve written on my own time (not as part of any commercial copywriting job/gig).

Why NOT be an Information Sponge?

My Top 4 Content Filtering Heuristics

Don’t call admirable people ‘thought leaders.’ Call them LEADERS.

A word on journaling, courtesy of Shakespeare

Signal, Noise & the VOLUME of it All