poem for Jordan Peterson

Only after your time will Time decide how well you’ve served our species as a guide, but, since a leader’s life’s the life you lead, here’s how I hope (& think) we both agree: 1 A good teacher won’t preach what he thinks; instead, he shows the thirsty where he drinks. 2 The more he […]

poem for Ayn Rand

When Reason, man’s most perfect power, is exiled from the Ivory Tower, you stand outside as fearless proof of its unconquerable truth. While institutionalized minds grow coddled, sheltered & unwise, you teach bright people to be free & draw their strength from liberty. You set the tone, you set the stage for freethinkers of every […]


word  count: 114 Brainwashers in the churches, brainwashers in the schools, making worship into mockery & students into fools; brainwashers in the Bible Belt, brainwashers on the coasts; brainwashers taking dollars, brainwashers taking votes— you’re all the same, brainwashers! you think you’re slick & sly, but I can see right through your grand disguises to […]

Marginal Revolution

for Tyler Cowen Shortcuts to the spotlight are the hallmark of our age— why toil to make a thought bright when outrage takes center stage? Seldom can a centrist (however strong his form) cut through the division that’s increasingly the norm. Rarer still is one who can sustain his measured stance among any admirers he […]


Though close friends often know it before you, no one can tell you what you’re born to do. There is no Oracle who sees your fate. there is no guarantee it’s not too late. There are no pre-made maps to travel with; there is only a vast stone labyrinth whose pathways wind & wander to […]

the crier

“Hear me, hear me!” all day long he cries, soliciting thumbs-up from passerby where the people are many & most of them cry just as loud—why he tries to be heard over the crowd is beyond me, but there’s always somebody responding. “Here’s my story!” he yells. “nothing to hide! I’ll play-by-play till the day […]


There is a cave where people are enslaved with manacles around their necks & ankles & made to sit silent & well-behaved beholding shadows cast from many angles. Eventually, one prisoner gets free & sees (in horror!) the machinery that’s been projecting his experience. He knows this is his disappearing chance & climbs out of […]

the empress’ new clothes

word count: 97 creative con artists convinced the queen their smartest garments could only be seen by smart people—a bold, transparent lie, which no one had the balls to take the fall for unraveling, until a kid who didn’t think much of authority said, “hi, your highness! would you tell me why you give this […]

less wrong

word count: 113 i think there’s no sense trying to be right, but i might get a little bit less wrong by being challenged in an honest fight: that’s how i make my thinking muscles strong. between us, conflict should be an illusion: i’ll give you my best effort when we spar, but i want […]