Why I Am Not Monogamous

Our world is blatantly obsessed with sex! Here are some ways in which this manifests: Celibate priests are raping little boys. People use whips and chains as bedroom toys. Men in dark basements can’t get off RedTube. Men in high places touch their interns’ boobs. Standards of unattainable beauty torment the fairer sex (including me). […]

Polyamorous sonnet

word count: 99 my love of Shakespeare multiplies when shared & is enriched when others love him differently— since that’s true, why would i be at all scared to share (& watch you share) your brilliancy? taboo is an impartial arbiter trying to justly serve society, & those its verdict isolates are bitter when they […]

Cheating Venus

word count: 120 the modest god of blacksmithing was husband to Venus, which, in my opinion, means he wielded a fine penis; but (being immortal) Venus craved variety, so with the violent, forceful Mars came impropriety. without missing a beat, the blacksmith took to his forge & forged a silvery net where 2 gods could […]