Sincere questions

John Singer Sargent, 1925 through this screened apparatus i still somehow call a phone, can you know i’m not an actress? can i know i’m not alone? if ancient mighty Atlas found our globe, so finely webbed, could he lift it? or, in practice, is it hanging by a thread above his head?

hello, world!

Our Worldwide Web is the primordial slime that will form & inform the sentient mind of some now inconceivable AI– i.e. some big brain thinking artificially will know, believe, & by extension BE the sum of what our kind has put online. What will it think of us? What will it see?

the typewriter

one of each color one of each stripe all stories i write i rewrite for all types! some like em funny some like em sad some like em crummy some like em bad. whoever you are, your opinion’s embraced. i guarantee something is typed to your taste! one for each pipe-dream one for each gripe […]

Marginal Revolution

for Tyler Cowen Shortcuts to the spotlight are the hallmark of our age— why toil to make a thought bright when outrage takes center stage? Seldom can a centrist (however strong his form) cut through the division that’s increasingly the norm. Rarer still is one who can sustain his measured stance among any admirers he […]

the crier

“Hear me, hear me!” all day long he cries, soliciting thumbs-up from passerby where the people are many & most of them cry just as loud—why he tries to be heard over the crowd is beyond me, but there’s always somebody responding. “Here’s my story!” he yells. “nothing to hide! I’ll play-by-play till the day […]

#MeToo and its Discontents

after ’Essay on Criticism’ by Alexander Pope I don’t know who has wronged my gender more: feminists now, or patriarchs before; but, mainly from feminists, I’ve learned that when witches (or warlocks) are being burned, the privileged class, with less to lose, should stand up against the mob’s unjust demands— & that privilege is mine […]


word count: 104 before we had spiders, a girl at a loom stood weaving, unknowing, her 8-legged doom. the pride of her village, her spinning fingers flew left & right deftly—then, arrogantly, she challenged Heaven, feeling thirsty to see how close she’d come to immortality. gliding to earth, elegant as a swan, Athena touched toes […]