4 questions

How can something as dainty as a rhyme stretch to accommodate a paradigm? How could stone slabs, slowly inscribed by hand, carry the weight of 10 divine commands? How did the founding fathers—all mere men— give birth to a nation with a pen? How do hearts split apart by loneliness let themselves be vulnerable again?

the empress’ new clothes

creative con artists convinced the queen their smartest garments could only be seen by smart people—a bold, transparent lie, which no one had the balls to take the fall for unraveling, until a kid who didn’t think much of authority said, “hi, your highness! would you tell me why you give this generously to the […]


before we had spiders, a girl at a loom stood weaving, unknowing, her 8-legged doom. the pride of her village, her spinning fingers flew left & right deftly—then, arrogantly, she challenged Heaven, feeling thirsty to see how close she’d come to immortality. gliding to earth, elegant as a swan, Athena touched toes to dirt & […]


in the shade under the Knowledge tree lives a phoenix by the name of Poetry. times change the shape & pigment of her wings, how long her beak is & what songs she sings, but, sure as the moon follows herself in rings, the phoenix flies, dies & again revives. when in the cooling coals […]

prayer to Athena

wisdom incarnate! God of craftsmanship, adviser of kings—come to earth! materialize as the larger-than-life Alpha Female you are, Athena, i know you’re aching to stretch those strong legs—come walk hand in hand with every leader of my troubled, fast-paced age—please, Athena, born of the thundering cranium of Zeus, rise in your golden armor like the […]


Poseidon, Lord of the Seven Seas, stormed ashore boiling with lust into the temple where she was worshipping him & his massive suffocating body poured pushed pounded & consumed her; his roar deafening, she couldn’t hear but she could feel him forcing out her screams. What he left of her lay deathlike on the floor […]