Feeling the writing itch?

Here’s the skinny on my writing coaching service. More at writing.coach.


Small audience ( <10,000 readers ):
$100 per 1-hour session, or $350 for a package of 4.

Large audience ( 10,000+ readers ):
$200 per 1-hour session, or a custom contract.

As a benchmark, most people start to see benefits after 4 hours of coaching ($350).

What I promise:

  • Step-by-step, methodical guidance through the entire writing process, from concept through final draft. You can learn more about my approach here.
  • Expert feedback.
  • Practical advice for tailoring your message to your audience.
  • Help discovering and verbalizing your best ideas.
  • Motivation to stick with your writing goals.
  • Techniques for overcoming plateaus.
  • A fun, uplifting, and productive experience.

Initial matchmaking call = $0.00.

Drop me a line at ellen@writing.coach.