Feeling the writing itch?

All kinds of awesome people come to me for thoughtful collaboration on their writing. Talk about a dream job! 🙂

I offer several project-based, session-based, and/or recurring pricing options, so please email me at ellen(at)ellenrhymes.com to discuss your needs. As a benchmark, I’ve found that most people start to see clear benefits after doing $300 worth of work with me.

For a sense of what I do, here are 4 of the things I bring to the table.

1. A sophisticated method of developing & structuring your ideas

I’ve built a process for bringing your most exciting ideas into the spotlight. The same process also helps me find and strengthen your voice. My approach is rooted in the Socratic method and formal logic, along with my professional experience as a writer/editor.

2. Honest, useful, and positive feedback

I have 3 core beliefs related to giving feedback:

  • Useful feedback is fundamentally positive.
  • Great coaching is uplifting.
  • People learn best when they can relax and have fun.

In line with these beliefs, my coaching is always focused on highlighting, defining, and amplifying your individual strengths.

3. Guidance in building a reliable creative process

A creative process is not that different from any other process: You should be able to apply it to get repeatable results. That’s why ultimately, I aim to teach you how to “fly on your own,” capable of writing confidently without my specific input. That’s how I gauge my success as a coach.

4. Personalized learning materials

I don’t have a one-size-fits-all curriculum. Instead, I draw from my personal resource library, providing you with essays, images, models, stories, and even videos that I think will help and interest you.

Initial matchmaking call = $0.00.

Drop me a line at ellen(at)ellenrhymes.com.