What makes Paul Graham a great writer?
Here are a few clues.

Learning as the New Redemption
In times of change, learners inherit the earth.

POP: A New Framework for Memorable Writing
A model for memorable writing, co-created with David Perell. There’s a video workshop, too!

The Power of Collaboration
My perspective on creative teamwork.

Have you found your “bible”?
A discussion of something Steve Jobs, Shakespeare, Bob Dylan, and Christopher Hitchens have in common.

Shakespeare’s Twitter
Exploring how a man became a legend.

My Top 4 Content Filtering Heuristics
Rules of thumb for choosing content.

My review of my favorite writing app, Ulysses
This app truly improves my life.

42 Spellbinding & Smart Movies to Transport You From Everything
These movies can not only provide escapism, but also enrich your life forever.

Signal, Noise & the VOLUME of it All
Can signal come full circle and become noise?

Why NOT be an Information Sponge?
A meditation on lifelong learning.

Don’t call admirable people ‘thought leaders.’ Call them LEADERS.
Leadership is too important for buzzwords.

A word on journaling, courtesy of Shakespeare
The legendary writer’s advice on writing for oneself.

The Tao Te Ching as Anti-Content
How the Tao fuels my mind.

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