ellen rhymes

Welcome! I’m a writer, editor, and writing coach. I’ve been doing these things professionally for 8 years, and writing has been my 24/7 obsession since childhood. I mean that. All day, every day, except when I’m sleeping or exercisingand sometimes even thenI am writing.

Writing & editing

For agencies, businesses, and individuals, I produce:

  • Web content (blogs, newsletters, etc).
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Marketing/sales materials
  • Internal documentation

I encourage you to sample my writing! If you read for pleasure, my playful poems or short essays might be up your alley. I also maintain a selection of my commercial writing.

For writing/editing services, please get in touch directly via ellen@ellenrhymes.com. I provide custom quotes for each project.

1:1 coaching

Over the course of a career, a typical professional makes thousands of first, second, and ongoing impressions in writing. I’m talking about emails, websites, sales decks, and even tweets…  and yet, nobody’s born writing well! Writing is a skill, much like tennis or guitar. You need feedback and practice to get good at it.

What I offer is friendly and thoughtful 1:1 collaboration with a writing specialist. People say they find our sessions uplifting, inspirational, and productive. Here’s more about what that’s like.

Coaching costs $80/session, with flexibility for retirees, students, regulars, and new parents. Our first phone call is always $0.

Praise for my work:

“I made a decision to hire a writing coach as part of my urge to become a better writer. Ellen has been a fantastic choice. Please consider her if you’re looking for a coach/editor.” – Ilya Sterin

“Ellen stands out to me because she’s experienced a lot in life, which means she can immediately empathize with not only the message I’m sending, but the person I’m becoming. IMO this identity-level rapport is what separates beginner coaches from professionals. If you work with Ellen, you’ll grow.” Mick B.

“You make me sound like a talented writer. Can’t believe I didn’t bring [my piece] to you sooner. I’ve been struggling with it for a few weeks now.” – Orrett Wynter

“Wowsers! What you accomplished in such a short period of time with my manuscript was nothing short of amazing.” – Dr. Joseph Bowles

“Ellen is an amazing writer and editor. As a digital marketing company we are extremely sensitive to the quality and the accuracy of the content we publish for clients. Ellen has been a tremendous asset to us.” – Hamed Seyedi

”I am forever indebted to my tenacious editor, Ms. Ellen Fishbein. With her move from New York to Texas, a new career change and a busy schedule ahead, she kept her pledge of unwavering assistance to complete my protracted memoir.” – Bernard Foong

“OMG this is amazing! You just get me!” Alex Hollywood