Some Beauty, Some Truth

some beauty’s just
a skipping stone’s skip deep
but still
it’s beautiful enough to keep

some truth is like the paddle on an oar
always returning
where it was before

some beauty is cosmetic
some is true
some truth’s a thing you say
& some you do

Poem for a teacher

You planted thoughts precisely where
they’d make me grow aware,
invited me
to dazzling heights
by helping build the stairs
& showed me how Time’s waste of life
is possible to bear—
only now, I wish you’d be less
staggeringly rare.

Your phone is addictive

First written & published in collaboration with Michael Tollman in the Farnam Street Learning Community. Image via The Zero Theorem.

Your phone is addictive. That’s really no joke!
Ask any person who gambles or smokes:
You think you can stop anytime you decide,
& that’s why you probably haven’t yet tried.

Free markets run on supply and demand,
so CEOs want that phone stuck to your hand.
Expert psychologists help them design
chimes, bells & whistles that mold to your mind:
Look at that bubble, shiny, bright red,
urging you not to leave that thing unread.
See how your apps feel so pleasing & clear?
That’s not by accident! That’s engineered
to make things so easy you don’t have to think—
calming, habitual, just like a drink.

Try these experiments: When your phone chimes,
notice how part of you practically pines
for relief. Also, toggle ‘grayscale’ on your screen,
leaving those bright, juicy colors unseen—
just like a morning without your caffeine!


Andy Warhol, 1972

What are you, opportunity?
You mask your full identity
until you’re seized—then, we can see
your face of grace. Yet, if set free,
passed up or missed unwittingly,
you mutate all too easily
into a space for tyranny.

What is Tao?

A pure mirror disappears. The mirror is Tao,
a secret known & kept by all
being (by nature) untold.
It’s boring unless
you seek to be born.
It prescribes nothing, yet heals, I think
today. What it is, though… who’s to say?

the trouble with texting

the trouble with texting is
text is too poor
to serve as the right type of
human-soul door—
there’s so much of you
i can choose to ignore
that before long, i’m not texting YOU anymore.