Welcome! I’m Ellen Fishbein, a writer and writing coach with 8 years of experience. I can write with you, help you become a better writer, or both.

My top 5 writing influences are Bob Dylan, Shakespeare, Bertrand Russell, Camille Paglia and Aristotle. Among web-based writers, I’m a longtime fan of Paul Graham, Shane Parrish and Tyler Cowen.

I deliberately maintain a lightweight web presence, but I’m always happy to connect 1:1. Get in touch anytime via ellen(at)ellenrhymes.com.

Write With Me!

Praise for my work:

“I take my very hardest essays, and I say, ‘Ellen, you’re responsible for helping me write this.’” – David Perell, founder of Write of Passage (Check out our writing workshop on YouTube!)

“I made a decision to hire a writing coach as part of my urge to become a better writer. Ellen has been a fantastic choice. Please consider her if you’re looking for a coach/editor.” – Ilya Sterin

“There’s nobody I know who understands classical literature, how to provide amazing writing prompts, or how to logically sequence someone’s voice over a one-on-one Google Doc better than Ellen. Period.” – Eric Courage

“Ellen stands out to me because she’s experienced a lot in life, which means she can immediately empathize with not only the message I’m sending, but the person I’m becoming. IMO this identity-level rapport is what separates beginner coaches from professionals. If you work with Ellen, you’ll grow.” Mick B.

“Ellen is an amazing writer and editor. As a digital marketing company we are extremely sensitive to the quality and the accuracy of the content we publish for clients. Ellen has been a tremendous asset to us.” – Hamed Seyedi